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Gosh, it's been awhile! [Nov. 22nd, 2010|02:18 pm]
We are the Bad Wolf

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So with the snowfall this morning, I had to do this:

November 22, 2010
Gig Harbor, WA

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Doctor Who ~ Doctor x Rose ~ My Reward [Jun. 27th, 2010|01:15 pm]
We are the Bad Wolf


"Tell you what, I bet you're gonna have a really great year!"
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A Sticky Situation [Jun. 17th, 2010|12:32 pm]
We are the Bad Wolf


June 16th, 2010
Gum Wall - Seattle, WA

Quite possibly one of the most disgusting things I've ever done but I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Unfortunately, I only had a limited supply of gum so it's kind of small but it's there. It's under the ledge of the second window on the right past the building entrance.

A couple more pics of the alley for anyone interestedCollapse )

Thank God for pocket hand sanitizer.
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Spotted on Ohio State campus [Apr. 29th, 2010|06:04 pm]
We are the Bad Wolf

[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

I do not claim credit for this graffiti.  I saw it on my way home from class today and about squee'd myself to death, and probably weirded out passers-by as I took pictures of it on my phone.  However, I would like to marry whoever did it.  'Shopped slightly to enhance the contrast since my phone's camera is crappy.

Date found: 29 April 2010
Location: Koffolt Lab, Ohio State University

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Some time in 2009... [Apr. 28th, 2010|08:19 pm]
We are the Bad Wolf

Hello all, first post here. I have a finding to share with you!

I discovered this, written in extremely tiny-tiny writing, on the wall of a public toilet stall at my college. Since I'm in a relatively small city in Canada, and people around here don't tend to know the things we do, I immediately accused two of my nerdier friends of having something to do with it. The best part? Neither of them had any idea what I was talking about! I still have no idea who did it...
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Bad Wolf at the Bridge [Mar. 10th, 2010|08:51 pm]
We are the Bad Wolf

[Current Mood |goodgood]

March 10th, 2010
Tacoma Narrows Park - Gig Harbor, WA

I photoshopped the color & contrast a wee bit but it is otherwise unaltered :)
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Store Scrabble & Another Beachy Bad Wolf [Jul. 1st, 2009|12:45 am]
We are the Bad Wolf

[Current Mood |goodgood]

Two new Bad Wolfs - one today at an antique shop where loose Scrabble & game pieces were being sold and the other at a beach that I did over the weekend ^.^

June 30th, 2009
Antique Shop - Bremerton, WA

June 26th, 2009
Twin Harbors Beach State Park - Westport, WA
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(no subject) [Feb. 17th, 2009|02:07 pm]
We are the Bad Wolf

I stole my friend's keys.

Room 703 Wilton Hostel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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My first Wolfing! [Feb. 10th, 2009|03:20 pm]
We are the Bad Wolf

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Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster!

I wrote this on a mousepad in my yearbook class. I've never been able to figure out a unique place to place a Bad Wolf, and then I thought," I have been doodling on mousepads in this class for three years now..." and so I did this to mark this year's!

Anyway, I hope to "Wolf" more in the future!! Arrivederci!

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(no subject) [Nov. 28th, 2008|02:01 am]
We are the Bad Wolf

I found this in the restroom at the Body Worlds exibit.

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